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Astar Polaris 2

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Polaris 2


Polaris 2

The Polaris 2 unit is an extended version of the Polaris unit. It cooperates with the scanning applicator dedicated to it.
The scanning applicator has been designed to be maximally easy to operate. Its mechanic structure facilitates a wide scope of adjustment with the use of moveable arm and head that turns in two axes of rotation. The arm is equipped with pneumatic actuator, which improves work comfort. The whole structure is extremely stable due to wide base on wheels with brakes. The device is fastened to specially shaped shelf with a place intended for keeping safety goggles case there.

Scanning applicator
Scanning applicator can plot the treatment area in three different ways: ellipsis, line and curves within a rectangle boundaries. The device has a unique feature. It automatically determinates treatment time depending on the size of treatment area. User sets laser beam angle, type of field, and distance from the body using the keyboard, while the processor adjusts parameters.

Polaris 2 ComboPolaris 2 Unit




  • cooperation with scanning applicators and point laser probes
  • adjustment of laser probes and applicators power
  • continuous and pulse operation mode
  • duty cycle or pulse time setting


  • high power of emitters measured on output
  • two versions with different powers
  • three ways of plotting the treatment area: elipsis, line and curves within a rectangle boundaries
  • adjustment of the arm height: 60-140 cm
  • head rotation in two axes
  • automatic determination of treatment time depending on the size of treatment area
  • pneumatic actuator that holds the arm
  • high quality wheels with brakes
  • shelf for controller and safety goggles


  • simplification of the unit operation
  • ailment units chosen by name
  • 30 programs for IR probe
  • 20 programs for R probe
  • 20 user-defined programs
  • 8 programs with Nogier’s frequencies
  • 30 programs with Voll’s frequencies


  • two programs for R and IR laser probes arranged in one treatment sequence
  • simplification of the unit operation
  • 10 sequences for point laser probes
  • 25 sequences for scanning applicators

Technical data


  • operation mode: program/manual
  • easy-to-read display
  • operation in graphic mode
  • context information system
  • possibility of automatic repeating of the treatment procedure
  • edition of the names of user-defined programs


  • LCD display
  • counter of laser probes operation
  • stabilization and adjustment of laser probes power
  • two universal laser probes sockets
  • sophisticated design of casing and keyboard


Polaris 2: 2 years
Applicators: 1 year


Power adjustment: 25-100%
Operation mode: continuous, pulse
Frequency: 1-5000Hz
Duty cycle: 25-75%, 50us pulse
Number of treatment program: 50
Number of treatment sequences: 10
Number of scanner sequences: 25
Number of user-defined programs: 20
Treatment timer: 99:59 min, 1s step
Mains supply: 230V, 50Hz, 40W
Dimensions: 30x23x11cm
Weight : 2,5kg



Polaris 2 Probes

  • mains cable
  • DOOR plug for remote lock connector
  • labels warning against laser radiation
  • user’s guide


  • laser applicators:
    • point laser probe R 650nm/20mW
    • point laser probe R 660nm/40mW
    • point laser probe IR 808nm/200mW
    • point laser probe IR 808nm/400mW
  • scanning applicators:
    • scanning applicator R+IR 50mW+400mW
    • scanning applicator R+IR 100mW+450mW
  • optical fiber applicator, straight, diameter 8 mm, length 110 mm
  • optical fiber applicator, angled 45°, diameter 8 mm, length 110 mm
  • fiber holder with 8 mm diameter for probes PM400, PM200, PM40, PM20
  • safety goggles
  • probe holders
  • mains cable with assembled emergency stop module
  • bag for the unit and accessories
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