Our vision and goals

Our vision is to be a reference point in the healthcare industry, both in Greece and abroad, in terms of the innovative products, services and support that we offer, as well as our expertise.

Our goal is the continuous growth that derives from the relationship of trust we develop with our customers, the constant investment in human resources and infrastructure as well as from the optimism with which we look forward into the futu.

We want the solutions we propose not only to fully meet the needs of the healthcare professionals, but also to provide them with new methods and perspectives in a rapidly changing market.

Our long-term plan includes the expansion of the company's activities into new domestic and foreign markets.

Brief Background

Serinth was established in 2002 with the purpose to import, distribute and support medical devices and performance monitoring systems.

With its headquarters being located in Athens, Serinth is able to support both Greek and Cypriot markets, through an organized sales department, consisting of highly trained professionals, the duty of which is to propose solutions and provide services tailored to the needs of each customer individually, always with the best possible cost / performance ratio.

With a strong portfolio of corporate customers, which includes hospitals, universities, healthcare organizations, sports teams and thousands of health scientists, the company has always been on a steady upward trend.

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Our people

The people that work with us share the same values and the same philosophy as we do, something that multiplies the dynamics of the company.

Young people with talent, highly skilled, team spirited and eager to work are the human resources of Serinth.

The essential effort of all these individuals allows us to provide top-of-the-range support, and training services, enabling us to remain innovative and constantly introduce new products for new applications.

At a time when technology governs every aspect of our lives, our people: administrative staff, salespersons, marketers, technicians follow the technological trends and have the flexibility and the ability to constantly adapt to new requirements, through a continuous learning process.

Serinth is now one of the leading companies in its field. This is not a coincidence. It is due to its people.

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R & D

In order to meet the needs of our partners as well as the continuous development of the services we offer, using our years of experience and expertise, we created a team of engineers, software developers and marketers for the production of specialized software and systems.

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Certified Quality ISO 9001/2015, ISO 13485/2016 & Υ.Α.1348/2004

Serinth provides high quality products from selected and recognized worldwide manufacturers.

Serinth places great emphasis on the quality, reliability and security of its products and services. Covering the requirements of the European standards for quality and safety, it is certified according to ISO 9001/2015, ISO 13485/2016  and Υ.Α. 1348/2004

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