h/p Cosmos - Pluto

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The h/p/cosmos pluto provides the exceptional quality and innovation of a h/p/cosmos at an entry-level price.

The h/p/cosmos pluto treadmill is virtually indestructible with its sturdy frame. It is very low maintenance and provides the user with a comfortable run due to its advanced construction.

The pluto running machine is distinguished by its smooth running surface, various functions, strong drive engine and the timeless design.


  • 42 programs / profiles
  • 6 exercise profiles (scalable, 756 variations)
  • 28 test profiles (Bruce, Graded Test, Naughton, Ellestad, Gardner, Conconi, Ramp, etc.)
  • 8 free definable programs with 40 program steps

The h/p/cosmos pluto comes with para control® for the display and remote control and includes a 5 meter RS 232 interface cable.

Optional software includes para graphics® for recording and visualisation.

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