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FRAS 5 is the most advanced system for measuring oxidative stress. FRAS 5 uses plasma or serum instead of whole blood, and therefore, it is not influenced by the hematocrit that causes altered and thus inaccurate values.

You need only one blood withdrawal to perform the two tests d-ROMs fast and PAT.
Reading times are the shortes: two and half minutes for d-ROMs fast test and 1 minute for PAT test.

PAT is the most recent evolution in the test for the evaluation of antioxidants:
it is the only test that eliminates the interferences of phosphates and therefore it is both the most specific and the fastest.

The SAT test allows the evaluation of the antioxidant activity of saliva helping the prevention of problems and diseases in the oral cavity.

Thanks to these real-time tests, it is possible to establish an accurate and reliable diagnosis of oxidative stress. By these assessment only, you can optimize specificantioxidant therapies and monitor their effectiveness.

The software can be updated and new tests can be added by means of a USB connection with a PC

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