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Ergoline ERS Rehabilitation System

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Ergoline ERS Rehabilitation System

ERS Hardware

Ergoline offers a full series of devices for conducting controlled training sessions during cardiological rehabilitation. Whether a bicycle ergometer in its different versions, a special ergometer for obese patients or an arm ergometer, all ergoline rehabilitation ergometers have an integrated ECG signal amplifier. The modular design allows the equipment to be expanded and upgraded to meet new demands (e.g. automatic blood pressure measurement, adjustable seat, etc.). 

ERS System 16


Ergometer for cardiac rehabilitation

  • Microprocessor controlled eddy current braking system
  • Load / accuracy: 6 - 999 Watt, speed independent according to DIN VDE 0750-238
  • Speed range: 30 - 130 rpm
  • Hadlebar adjustment 360o
  • Optional handlebar height adjustment: 90 - 126 cm
  • Mechanical continuous saddle height adjustment
  • Optional motor-driven continuous saddle height adjustment
  • Maximum patient weight: 150 kg

Control unit

  • Graphic display: load, rpm, time, blood pressure, heart rate, ECG (LCD)
  • Patient display: rpm (led)
  • Keyboard: membrane keyboard
  • Single channel ECG amplifier (3 individual leadwires/disposable electrodes)
  • Oprional electrode application system (3 vacuum intensities)
  • Optional aytomatic blood pressure measurement
  • Oprional oxygen saturation measurement
  • Chipcard reader


  • Digital RS-232 interface for ERS System
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 90 cm x 46 cm x 133 cm
  • Weight: 61 - 69 kg
  • Power supply: 90 - 265 V, 50 - 60 Hz, 80 VA max

ERS Software

Systematically developing the performance of the cardiovascular system is one of the major goals of cardiological rehabilitation. Ergometer training on the basis of standardized protocols has become an established standard to achieve this. ergoline has developed ERS, its superior, intuitively operated system in close cooperation with physicians and therapists. This system is flexible enough to easily adapt to the most varied requirements.

SwCardiovascular training with simultaneous monitoring of the ECG can be conducted with up to 16 patients at once. The ERS PC software will control the entire training session for each patient on the basis of the predefined protocols, it simultaneously documents all relevant data (e.g. ECG, heart rate, training data) and frees the therapist from routine tasks so that patients can be more intensively supervised.


Training devices

  • Number of controlled training devices: 1 - 16
  • Bike ergometer control (incl. ECG, chipcard)
  • Recumbent ergometer control (incl. ECG, chipcard)
  • Arm ergometer control (incl. ECG, chipcard)
  • Optional treadmill control (incl. ECG, chipcard)

Monitoring (up to 16 patients)

  • ECG display
  • Pulse display
  • Bloodpressure measurements
  • SpO2 measurements
  • Direct training control (by therapist)
  • User definable alarms 

ERS System / database

  • Database for patients and trainings
  • Integrated diagnosis worksheet for patient diagnosis / anamnesis
  • Training types (individual / group training): Constant Pulse, Constant Load, Interval user-programmed protocols (incl. warm-up and recovery phases)
  • Continuous ECG storage for all patients and sessions
  • Training comparison
  • Sum diagram
  • Documentation / Printout of all training data, numerous display and printout formats
  • Optional network compatibility
  • Optional data export
  • Optional Archive capability


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