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BTS NIRVANA is the innovative therapeutic solution for the rehabilitation of patients affected by neuromotor pathologies.
The system features specific exercises aimed at treating cognitive and motor deficits, providing the therapist with pre-defined rehabilitative tasks, as well as with the tools to create customized tasks to treat the specific patient’s needs.
The effectiveness of BTS NIRVANA relies in its motivational approach: its playful and target oriented nature, together with its sensorial feedback richness, proactively provide stimulus to the patient.




An innovative system for motivational therapeutic approach.
BTS NIRVANA is the first markerless system allowing a complete audio and visual sensorial immersion in a virtual setting, without requiring invasive devices that may limit or modify interaction.
BTS NIRVANA generates scenarios that can be projected over horizontal and vertical surfaces: thanks to the optoelectronic infrared system, the patient can interact with the virtual environment in the most natural way through his movements into the projection plane.
Each task, besides presenting several modalities and increasing difficulty levels, is defined by multiple sensorial feedbacks: compared with conventional therapeutic approach, the patient receives major cognitive and motor inputs, leveraging on his motivation to perform more difficult and challenging exercises.


An effective therapeutic support for rehabilitation centers .
BTS NIRVANA is applicable for any rehabilitation facility treating patients affected by cognitive and motor deficits that involve both upper limbs and lower limbs. BTS Nirvana is really effective every time there are impairment s caused by central nervous system damages, (i.e. stroke or traumatic
brain injury) or by chronic and progressive neurological diseases (i.e. Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis).
The system, defined by its versatility, offers practitioners a pre-defined set of exercises for the upper limbs, the lower limbs and the trunk.
Some of these exercises, aimed at regaining motor control and reducing impairment, can be used independently depending on the disease:
Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and hemiplegia.
Some others, defined by specific visual and audio feedback or execution modalities, are explicitly dedicated to a unique pathology.
For example: visual feedbacks can be used for Parkinson’s; rhythmic cueing for hemiplegic; spatial exploration for treating patients presenting neglect.

Metrics, reporting, integration with additional analysis devices.

Every exercise is provided with metrics allowing the practitioner to monitor patient’s performance and consequently to modify the exercise difficulty level.
The score also acts as a major motivational incentive simultaneously being visualized by the patient. The quantified parameters acquired from every trial can be completed with a video report. The medical and personal data recorded on the dedicated RFID card together with the built in data base engine provide the perfect tool for the patient follow ups evaluating improvements and providing info about the entire rehabilitation cycle.
A report, with the exercise list and the score for every task, is automatically generated after every trial to keep track of the therapy. A temporal report can also be created to evaluate how the treatment is effective.
Optionally, BTS NIRVANA can be integrated with the BTS EMG systems to obtain a complete functional evaluation of the subject, further investigating the different task execution strategies.


A motivational, perceptive and cognitive aid
Rehabilitation exercises are often repetitive and rarely stimulating for the patient, who quickly gets bored, reducing his commitment and participation and, consequently, decreasing the treatment effectiveness.
With BTS NIRVANA, the motor exercise becomes, an interaction tool with the enhanced virtual scene.
Each exercise provides a stimulating environment thanks to visual and audio feedback that together with the high quality graphics dramatically increase motivation in the subjects.


A free and safe interaction
Compared with other virtual interaction systems, BTS NIRVANA provides two significant advantages:
1)The direct interaction with the setting simply based on movement and not obtained through avatars, make it functional, even for people presenting cognitive difficulties.
2) The absence of invasive visual devices (i.e. helmets and goggles) or motion devices (gloves and markers),very often rejected by the subjects, significantly reduce the risk of falling during the task execution.
Exercises are designed to be performed also with orthesis, or with the therapist support of the patient.

Result check
The exercise scoring system allows a simple and intuitive evaluation of patient’s progression.
Moreover, where necessary the therapist can modify in real time (increasing, decreasing) the ongoing exercise difficulty level.




The BTS NIRVANA rehabilitation protocols, developed by Ospedale Valduce - Villa Beretta (Costamasnaga, Italy), define virtual enhanced
reality settings for therapeutic exercise programs, aimed at neuromotor re-education.
BTS NIRVANA is particularly useful for rehabilitation programs in patients presenting attentive and motor problems affecting upper limb, lower limb and trunk, resulting from:

  • Sub acute stroke
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Paraparesis
  • Peripheral nerve damage


An easy and fulfilling management of patient’s rehabilitation treatment.
BTS NIRVANA is supplied with a user-friendly interface that simplifies the patient’s database management. All the software menus are managed through the touch screen, very functional and intuitive.


Components and Accesories

Hardware components
Standard equipment:

  • BTS NIRVANA Markerless Motion Analysis Unit
  • Projector 4000 ansilumens
  • Workstation All-in-one touch screen
  • Webcam


  • Projector 6000 ansilumens
  • RFID card reader

Installed software
Standard equipment:

  • Patients data management
  • Therapy planning and management
  • Standard exercises package


  • Additional exercises

Standard equipment:

  • Ground or wall brace


  • LCD or plasma screen
  • EMG trigger kit
  • Video analysis trigger kit

Support and training:
Standard equipment:

  • Installation, first training and start-up
  • Helpdesk - 3 months


  • All inclusive care and assistanceen

Working Space

The distance between BTS NIRVANA Unit and projection plane must be at least of 8 feet (2.5 m) for the wall projection and of 9 feet (2.8m) for the floor projection. Projections over table or other surfaces are performable with smaller distances.
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