Monark 891E

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A new arm ergometer that satisfies the requirements for fitness and endurance testing for the upper body. Monark’s renowned weight basket system has been adapted for use in rehabilitation, development and following-up for people with physical disabilities. Ideal for exercise from a wheelchair.Best choice for rehabilitation of disabled.

The weight basket is a patented self-regulating braking system wich don't need calibration. As long as the basket is in the air and the weights are correct even the brakeforce is correct.
The mechanics of the weightbasket has been improved which will increase the safety of the releasing moment.
Delivered with a set of weights; three 1 kg, one 0,5 kg and four 0,1 kg.
The weight of the basket is 0,1 kg.
More weights can be purchased separately.

Individual crank length adjustment.
Control lever for realesing weightbasket from sitting position.
Powder painted.
Wheels for easy transport.

Electronic Meter
Graduated scale in Watts, showing the workload at 50 r/min.
Electronic readouts of pedal r/min, total pedal revolutions and time.

Technical Details

Width 700 mm (28")
Length 1500 mm (59")
Height 1660 mm (65")
Weight 60 kg (132 lbs) exclusive weights

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