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Astar Sonaris S - Aesthetics

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Sonaris Small

Application of the ultrasounds in medicine dates back to the fifties of the XXth century. As a physiotherapy method, sonotherapy finds application in the treatment of pain syndromes, arthrosis, contractures, and in phonophoresis.

The Sonaris unit is a modern device designed for carrying out treatments using ultrasound therapy. In co-operation with the electrostimulator allows to perform combined therapy.

The unit is available in two versions:
S – version co-operates with two types of ultrasound heads:
  • effective radiation area of 4cm2, generating ultrasound wave with frequency of 1MHz or 3,5MHz,
  • effective radiation area of 1cm2, generating ultrasound wave with frequency of 1MHz or 3,5MHz.
M – version co-operates with one type of ultrasound head:
  • effective radiation area of 4cm2, generating ultrasound wave with frequency of 1MHz.

There is no option to extend one headed M version to two headed S version.

The unit distinguishes itself sophisticated design, use comfort, ergonomics and high quality of made.



Sonaris Probes Small


  • frequencies of operation 1MHz/3,5MHz
  • effective radiation area 1cm2 and 4cm2
  • continous emission – thermal effect
  • pulse emission – micro massage
  • ultrasound heads provided with the contact control connected to treatment timer
  • stabilization of output power


  • complete control over parameters for advanced users


  • simplification of the unit operations
  • 52 preset treatment programs in S-version
  • 42 preset treatment programs in M-version
  • 10 user-defined programs

Technical data


  • operations mode: program/manual
  • easy-to-read LCD graphic display
  • base of preset treatment programs
  • edition of the names of user-defined programs
  • precise control of ultrasound wave emission during the treatment procedure
  • comfort of operations – the unit does not stop the emission when ultrasound wave absorption detoriates for a moment, e.g. in the bones area


  • large graphic LCD display
  • heavy-duty and reliable keyboard
  • calibration parameters stored in the ultrasound head
  • self-test – systematic control of the unit and heads


Sonaris 2 years
Heads 1 year


Treatment timer: 1-30min
Mains supply: 230V, 50Hz, 40W
Unit dimensions (without holders): 30x23x11cm
Unit weight: 3kg

Ultrasound generator:

Operation mode: continous, pulse
Pulse frequency: 16Hz, 48Hz, 100Hz
Duty factor for pulse mode: 10%, 25%, 50%, 75%

Ultrasound heads:

GS4-type acoustic working frequency 1MHz and 3,5MHz ERA 4cm2, nominal power 10W max power density 2,5W/cm2
GS1-type acoustic working frequency 1MHz and 3,5MHz ERA 1cm2, nominal power 2,5W max power density 2,5W/cm2
GM-type acoustic working frequency 1MHz ERA 4cm2, nominal power 10W max power density 2,5W/cm2



Sonaris Accessories

  • mains cables
  • ultrasound therapy gel 500g
  • user guide
  • M-version – GM-type ultrasound head


  • S-version – GS4-type ultrasound head
  • S-version – GS1-type ultrasound head
  • cart
  • MINI bag for the unit and accessories
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