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FRAS4 (Free Radical Analytical System) is a new integrated analytical system consisting of a dedicated photometer with an incorporated centrifuge, designed to allow global assessment of oxidative stress, by means of two tests, the d-ROMs test and the BAP test, on a small sample of capillary blood, through finger-pick on a finger tip.

The aim of global assessment of apparently healthy subjects is to identify an eventual disregarded condition of oxidative stress so that its’ unwanted consequences (i.e. early ageing, diseases etc.) can be prevented.

Oxidatibe damage occurs because free radicals are “the more avid of electrons” and they become stable, thus losing their potential of damaging, only when they pull up such electrons from an organic molecule (oxidant action).

Small amounts of free radicals are produced in normal conditions, due to the physiological cell metabolism.However, an increased production of free radicals, in regard to the body, can be related to external or internal causes.

Among the external causes are some physical agents (e.g. UV radiation, X-ray etc.), several chemicals (pesticides, contaminated food, drugs etc.) and some infectious agents (e.g. virus and bacteria).

Among the internal causes are the exaggerate acceleration of cell metabolism and several diseases (e.g. overtraining, obesity, diabetes etc.).

In healthy people, the body is able to prevent free radical induced damage, thanks to the antioxidants defense system. Antioxidants are agents that oppose the oxidant action of free radicals by neutralizing it. Some antioxidants are produced by our body, while others must be introduced into the body by the environment e.g. by means of correct feeding.

From these very simple considerations is now born the winning diagnostic concept of GLOBAL ASSESSMENT OF OXIDATIVE STRESS, that is carried out thanks to the innovative FRAS4 system, through the execution of two individual tests, the d-ROMs test-the only one available at the moment for the evaluation of oxidative stress, and the BAP test- that allows the determination of the antioxidant power of the plasma.

The most innovative technological feature of FRAS4 is the integration of centrifuge in the analytical module. This system enables the operator to perform both the centrifugation and the photometric analysis

FRAS4 moreover, allows one to carry out the assessment of the pro-oxidant component (by means of d-ROMs test) and the evaluation of the antioxidant barrier (by means of the BAP test) involved in oxidative stress. Although the procedures of the two tests are very simple, FRAS4 possesses a self-instructing display that provides the photometer and centrifuge temperatures plus multilingual operating messages.

All these functions are controlled by a particular software that manages the whole instrumentation. This software can be updated by means of a personal computer.

FRAS4 allows, through a mini printer the emission of a ticket with a personalized heading, and through serial port (RS232), the data recorded in a personal computer.

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